• Collect a Star
  • Repeat it to Base
  • Repeat
  • Don’t Crash
  • A/D or Arrows to Rotate
  • Space to Boost
Game Mode
BasicDon't crash into the asteroidsSingle Stationary
Have to keep flying due to floating bases that disappear upon star's return3 Mobile Vanishing
Paddle Ball
A paddle base chases the balls which break the blue bricksSingle Mobile
UFOUFO's are bullies and push you around3 Mobile Vanishing
PlanesTank that fires missiles at you and planes that drop bombs at you3 Mobile Vanishing
SnakeRace the growing snakes for the starsSingle Stationary

Timer mode only provides 30 seconds +10 seconds for every star returned to base. A UFO appears every 30 seconds to increase the timer's difficulty.

Made withUnity

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